Three Things You MUST Eat In The Morning

If you want to start the day with high energy or have a quick mid-day recharge you MUST eat and drink the following things: 

* Water- We all wake up dehydrated already, so drinking water, yes before coffee is the best thing we can do to feel at our best.  Dehydration leads to fatigue, and can be avoided by loading up with H2O first thing in the morning. 

* Pink Himalayan Salt- You can mix half a teaspoon of pink himalayan salt with your wake up morning water or you can sprinkle it on a low-glycemic piece of toast smothered with grass-fed butter!  Yum!  Dave Asprey the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, explains that doing this helps your adrenals get started.  He say's its "like flipping on a light switch", it won't contribute to high blood pressure, and it will reduce adrenal stress. 

* Grass-Fed Butter- If you haven't tasted or heard of Kerrygold butter, it will change your life! There are other brands in the market, but I am addicted to this one.  You'll see why once you taste it!  Grass-fed butter is a healthy nutritious fat because it's higher in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K2, you can add it to your coffee or spread on a piece of low-glycemic toast.  The idea is to have a sustainable energy source that lasts for hours.