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​Our menu at our Chelsea food catering company consists of freshly-prepared lunch options. You can also enjoy our signature non-alcoholic LuLa's Mojito beverage and LuLa's Sweet snacks. 

  • Our Meat option lunches- Meat provides the protein your body needs to build muscle; it is critical in a number of body functions as well. Unfortunately, meats also contain saturated fat and cholesterol in varying amounts; we chose leaner meats that are lower in fat like chicken, turkey, tuna and shrimp.
  • Our Vegetarian option lunches- Going vegetarian helps lose weight and protect against chronic diseases. A vegetarian diet helps maintain a healthy weight and helps reduce diabetes and heart disease risk. We chose the lacto-vegetarian approach, which excludes meat, fish, poultry, and eggs but allows dairy products.
  • Our Vegan option lunches- A purely plant based diet has been linked with decreased stress, increased happiness and positive health, but it needs to be well planned and nutritionally balanced. We make sure our vegan options include whole grains, colorful vegetables and heart-healthy fats in order to get the nutrients the body needs.
  • LuLa’s Mint Lemonade- Lula’s Mint Lemonade is the first ever low-calorie, all natural ready to drink beauty beverage with no preservatives. It is rehydrating so it’s perfect after a workout or spa treatment. The main ingredient mint will help maintain healthy skin as well as help keep weight in check because of its low calorie content. Customers will think of Lula’s Lemonade as value because it will address two major concerns of theirs health and appearance.
  •  LuLa’s Sweet Snacks- Our snacks are low calorie, and always vegan.
 In order to insure prompt delivery please place your order within a 48 hour notice. There is a 3 person minimum per  catering order.  Delivery to Chelsea, Soho, Midtown and Financial District. For more information about our lunch catering delivery in NYC, call us today.


           LuLa's  Mint Lemonade